Explore Tanzania
6 Day Tour

Explore Tanzania

6 Days

Embark on a captivating 6-day North Tanzania safari itinerary involves showcasing the region’s most iconic wildlife areas and cultural experiences. This itinerary is designed to appeal to a broad range of clients by combining breathtaking landscapes, thrilling wildlife encounters, and authentic cultural interactions

Planning Tips

Early Start: Depart early from Lake Manyara to maximise wildlife viewing opportunities in Serengeti, especially during the early morning when animals are more active.

Pack Essentials: Bring binoculars, cameras, sunscreen, and hats. Even during the drive, you’ll be exposed to the sun and may encounter dust.

Stay Hydrated: Carry enough water for the journey, as the drive can be long and warm, especially in Tanzania’s dry season. Check Accommodation: Ensure your accommodation in the Serengeti is booked in advance, as options can fill up quickly, especially during peak migration seasons.

Travelling from Lake Manyara to the Serengeti is more than a transfer between destinations; it’s part of the Tanzanian safari experience, offering a journey through some of the world’s most iconic landscapes and wildlife habitats.

What to Expect

Wildlife Viewing: The drive takes you through varied ecosystems, offering chances to spot wildlife even before entering the Serengeti. Keep your cameras ready for impromptu game viewing along the way.

Ngorongoro Crater Rim: The road to Serengeti skirts the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, providing stunning overlooks into the crater. While you won’t descend into the crater on this route, the viewpoints offer a glimpse of this natural wonder.

Maasai Villages: Along the way, you’ll see traditional Maasai bomas (villages). Some safari tours offer stops at these villages, allowing for cultural interactions and insights into the Maasai way of life.

Changing Landscapes: The journey from the lush, forested areas around Lake Manyara to the vast, open plains of the Serengeti is a visual treat. You’ll witness a dramatic change in landscape, showcasing Tanzania’s ecological diversity.

Serengeti’s Vastness: Upon nearing Serengeti, you’ll be greeted by its seemingly endless plains. The sense of vastness and the anticipation of exceptional game viewing set the stage for your Serengeti safari experience.

6 Days In Tanzania

Day One

Morning/Afternoon: Guests arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport or from a hotel in Arusha, where they are welcomed by a company representative who will provide guests with a brief orientation session about the upcoming safari adventure. Depart for Lake Manyara National Park. Upon arrival embark on a game drive till evening with a small break for a picnic lunch. During the game drive watch out for buffaloes, giraffes, impalas, baboons, and the blue monkeys. Another spectacle of Lake Manyara National Park is the tree-climbing lions, however spotting them is a game of luck. In the right season, you can see the shoreline turning pink with millions of flamingos flocking there. Post the game drive, you will head back to your Lodge where a delicio

Day 1 : Arrival In Arusha

Day Two

After breakfast, we head towards the Serengeti National Park. Travelling from Lake Manyara National Park to Serengeti National Park is a journey through some of Tanzania’s most breathtaking landscapes and diverse ecosystems, offering travellers a unique opportunity to experience the variety of Tanzania's natural wonders. Here’s a guide on how to navigate this journey. The route is taken, and stops along the way, but it generally takes about 5-6 hours by road. The journey is typically part of a safari tour, where the travel itself offers numerous wildlife viewing opportunities. Arrive in time for lunch and enjoy an afternoon game drive in the Serengeti National Park. Later, drive to the Lodge for dinner and overnight at Serengeti Serena Lodge/ Lahia Tented Lodge.

Travel Overview to Serengeti National Park

The most common way to travel between these two parks is by safari vehicle, traversing a scenic route that includes passing through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This route offers the advantage of spectacular views and the possibility of wildlife sightings en route. Visitors need to pay entrance fees for both the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park.

Day 2 - From Lake Manyara to Serengeti National Park

Day Three

After breakfast depart for full-day game drives with packed lunch and return back to the lodge late afternoon Or you can depart for an early morning game drive later return to the accommodation for breakfast and relax for a bit and depart on an afternoon game drive with packed lunch. The legendary Serengeti National Park is the most renowned safari destination for its incredible population of lions and leopards. The central portion of the Serengeti - known as the Seronera area is one of the richest wildlife habitats in the park. It features the Seronera River, which provides a valuable water source to this area and therefore attracts wildlife well representative of most of the Serengeti’s species. During the off-season of the migration, one must really look out for the many lion pride that thrives in this region. The interactions and survival of these lion pride provide an excellent game-viewing experience all year round. Along with a picnic lunch during the full-day game drive, and game drives back to the lodge. The long day comes to an end with a heavy dinner and a good night’s rest in your accommodation. Overnight at Serengeti Serena Lodge/Lahia Tented Lodge.

Day 3 - Full Day In Serengeti National Park

Day Four

Morning: After breakfast, embark on a morning game drive in Serengeti before heading to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area with a game viewing en route. 

Afternoon: Arrive at Ngorongoro and check into a lodge or camp on the crater rim for spectacular views. The 5-hour game drive on the crater floor will show you a lot of animal action. Keeping the camera ready is definitely recommended. The African elephant, buffalo, Black rhino, Hippos, Hyenas, Cheetahs, and Lions are found in plenty. Post the picnic lunch at the beautiful Hippo pool, you will begin a steep ascend to the top exit of the crater. 

Evening: Enjoy dinner with a view of the crater. An optional Maasai cultural visit can be arranged for those interested in local traditions and lifestyles.

Day 4 - From Serengeti To NgoroNgoro Conservation Area

Day Six

Morning: Early breakfast followed by a descent into the Ngorongoro Crater for a half-day crater tour. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the world's largest intact volcanic caldera and home to a high density of wildlife, including the Big Five.

 Afternoon: After lunch, begin the journey back to Arusha. Guests can reflect on their safari experiences during the drive. 

Evening: Arrive in Arusha for a farewell dinner or direct transfer to Kilimanjaro International Airport for departure, depending on the guests' flight schedules.

Day 6 - Ngorongoro to Arusha